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Why have us handle your assembly needs?

  • We maintain all your component inventories.

  • Fixed production costs with no capital expenses. You'll know exactly what an assembly costs you... forget about factoring in overhead, burden rates, employee expenses,...

  • We eliminate tooling and fixturing costs.

  • We provide efficient customer control throughout the process. Or staff engineers will flag potential problems and offer design suggestions in writing for your review.

  • We provide prompt response to dramatic increases in product demand.

  • We create detailed assembly procedures and maintain bills of materials showing numerous sources for commercial components to accommodate increased demands.

  • We'll make the fabricated components and procure the commercial components, assembly, test and package... one stop shopping

  • CAE Blackstone Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

  • Foam-in-place packing system by SealedAir. Fully electronic to ensure your assembly arrives undamaged.

  • AquaCycler Dionized Water Generator.

  • Packaging Aids Impulse Bag Sealer with Argon Inert Gas Backfill.

  • Laminar Flow Class 1,000 Assembly Stations.

  • Greive Laboratory Oven.

  • ESD Matted Assembly Stations.

New Horizon is experienced in assembly and has the capabilities. Whether it's complex electromechanical assembly requiring clean room conditions, vacuum packaging and bar code serialization or simple two piece sub assemblies we will be happy to quote your application. We have extensive experience in pneumatic devices, electro mechanical assemblies, semi-conductor production equipment, aerospace assemblies and general mechanical assemblies.

We have the capabilities to thoroughly clean machined parts in our four stage Ultrasonic cleaning system using on-site generated dionized water. Parts can be assembled in typical facility conditions or in one of three of our laminar flow class 1,000 assembly stations. All assemblies can be tested to your specifications and packaged according to your requirements. Packaging can be simple zip lock bags, bubble bags or vacuum packaged with Argon gas back fill if the application requires. All packages can be labeled and bar coded according to your specifications and using your part number and logo.

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